Sunday, 13 January 2013

hi guys,hope your all having a fab weekend.iv been a busy girl today,i was making a card for a friends mums birthday,and realized i did not have a stamp that said mum on it,i have boxes of stamps,100s of stamps (don't tell the hubby lol) so my main aim today was to go and get one.skipping of to the craft shop,well not quite (i took the car).i park up. and find my self all most running to the door ...of the craft shop,like a woman possessed,i must only get a mum stamp,i must only get a mum stamp,1 hour later,a bit ruffled,i came out with, ???????. 2 books of 8x8 paper,it was to lovely to leave in the shop.some very nice sentiments.some material to make some hearts with,and two yes two mum stamps,don't you think its hard being a crafter,you not only have to make your crafts,but you also have to shop for your goody's,some of the men in are lifes just dont understand,what we go though,to make that one lovely card,hugs jess x

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