Friday, 2 December 2011

christmas comes early

hi my little blog are you all today.are you ready for christmas ?.as any crafter will no,christmas starts early.i try not to,but then you get in a panic,how many cards do i make this year (LOADS).so at the beginning of  september i started making cards.i have lots of things to make every day cards,then it hit me,i don't have any christmas things.well that's a bit of a lie.i do but i used it last year.its a bit like having a new dress last christmas.and needing a new one for this a girl thing.and crafting is no i put my very very best puppy dog eyes on my husband.two days later we are off to the craft like a kid in a sweet shop.and my husbands like some one sat in the dentist chair lol . when i have finished i look like father christmas,all red in the face,from the heat of the shop,with a very BIG bag of goody's.and so my christmas begins. jess x

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